Announcing… The Massively Minecraft Project

Today, Minecraft has become a global phenomenon, available on mobile, tablets, consoles and computers. With sales of over 8 million copies of the game, millions of servers offering all manner of immersive experiences, thrills and creative adventures. Around Minecraft are numerous sub-cultures producing a constellation of videos, tutorials, art, writing and more. Thousands of schools have purchased the game as well as not for profits and other community groups. For children, finding joy and companionship in the game is second nature. For teachers and parents, learning new strategies to media the game comes with significant challenges and rewards. It’s this which we focus on — how to let the most significant new game of the last decade into the classroom and home to help children explore their own imagination, creativity and online power towards healthy and productive goals.

In 2011, Massively Minecraft was founded as an out of school, global learning game for children aged 4-16. February 2014 will see the the launch of the new Massively Minecraft Project lead by Dean Groom and Bron Stuckey. Both have a long history in education, online communities, games and academic research. This project seeks to research and build on the lessons learned in the original Massively Minecraft while taking a laser like focus to three major research agendas in and around Minecraft:

  1. family play, specifically parents and children
  2. teacher professional learning
  3. educational developers and developments.

Over the month of March 2014 we will launch each of these three key areas. To join us in our launch events and activities or just stay informed about the project please email us or